So looking back at 2009 it kinda just flew by. It seemed like there was always something to do or somewhere to go. But yet I always found myself saying “Nothing much going on. Same stuff different day” I sometimes worry that I am becoming incredibly boring. Like lately been having to work with Raleigh […]

I have been working on “June Vacation Part 2 ” since those stories tend to be a great deal more epic I like to put more effort into them. Making cheesy pictures and finding related links, etc that takes a while and only work on those in my freetime. This is a blog post that […]

2003 was an interesting year for me. I really got inspired to blog when I was reading slashdot and saw that google had purchased So I was like what the hell I will check it out and found that having this easy engine to write down my thoughts to be a rather nice release […]

So Saturday what happened last Saturday. Well I went to sign for a new apartment but after we found out some more details that kinda fell through so I had to deal with a hassel with the bank to cancel some checks and $15 to stop a check and then had to put my account […]

Well I must say that one of the most recent cool experiences I had was when I was looking for the offical rules of Ultimate Frisbee and in my search for a frisbee that could fly a bit further I came across the FlashFlight! We had our first test run in a field last night […]

Well I am taking a week off between jobs. I start my new Job May 30th at 9am and really looking forward to it. I left my job with a bit of flair I was in Violation of Dress Code by wearing jeans. My new job doesn’t care if I wear jeans or not. I […]

In the ever progressing website that will be the portal to my life I am going to bring the focus more around to who I am. Where future employers or people that would like to take advantage of my skills and knowledge will be able to come. I am discovering the power of WordPress and […]